KITA - June 10th, 2008

COTDAYUUM..* For the love of GAWD !! This girl KITA I swear got a wagon on her ass..

We ran into her again at the bank, and one look at that booty again,( now you know your boy a true BOOTYOLOGISTS..aint no fronting.. HELL NAH !! We told her to hop in the truck and come give us another peek back of that phat azz at the studios.. she wasnt ready, but she agreed.. DAMN !!

Wanna see how a 48 inch ass shake like JELLO ??
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* * Also dropped in the BONUS area ; TITTYFEST Pt 1 Video.. MUST SEE !!.. Name all the models featured in this video and you could be our next BIG winner.. Heres a preview video !!.. Join today !!


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