TOCARRA - October 24th, 2006

When this THICK caramel shawtie contacted us from NY, we looked closely at her stats; did she say 42 DDD ?? OH SNAP!! :: see video. You know BIGFOOT had to see this for himself. So we gave her an all expense paid trip to the ULTRALODGE ..And she was NOT PLAYING !! :: see video. TOCARRA got some TIG O BITTIES..GOOD LAWD !! And you know BIGFOOT got a weakness 4 BIG TITS and ASS ( I aint even gon front y'all):: see video

Keep ya eye on this one fellas; its bout to BLOW !!

** DAILY UPDATES is now in full effect; GUARANTEED !! So keep it locked !! ; Just dropped BONUS; Girls girls girls Pt 3 video**
+ TONYA's scary HALLOWEEN Mask drops at midnite tonite...SCAAARRY !!!!

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