NECOLE - October 3rd, 2006

18 yr old Necole from FL is is a Sophomre at MSU and boy shes as thick as they come; towering at 5'9", (38DD 29-44)..look at the MONKEY on this shawtie. GOOD LAWD !! **

She is now enjoying all the EXPOSURE and MONEY shes gettin from PHAZE II ( unlike what those other people couldnt hold her DOWN. She is happy here with us and has promised to keep bringing the HEAT and keepin it poppin !! (Brace yaself for even more Necole fellas)

We just did an ENCORE presentation of Necole in the members area (over 349 juicy pix and more)..D-D-D-D- DAMN !! (This is some finger licking GOOD "shit" fellas !! And we just getting started !!. Now STOP DROLLING !!

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